Using LIKE on Integers Gets You Implicit Conversion

Using the Stack Overflow public export, take these two queries looking for a particular user by Id (the clustering key): Transact-SQL SELECT * FROM dbo.Users WHERE Id = 26837; SELECT * FROM dbo.Users WHERE Id LIKE 26837; 12 SELECT * FROM dbo.Users WHERE Id = 26837;SELECT * FROM dbo.Users WHERE Id LIKE 26837; The first…
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Two Code Patterns That Don’t Virtualize Well

Virtualization used to be a really Big Deal™ for database admins: we had to do a lot of careful planning to get a virtualization project done right. These days, virtualization is more and more of a no-brainer: most apps make the transition just fine. Every now and then, though, an exception pops up – usually…
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SQL Server Workarounds

360 Questions We’ve been asking you folks a lot about what you’d add to SQL Server, and we’ve gotten some great answers. There are even some that have been answered in the last couple versions of SQL Server. For instance, 2016 brought us STRING_SPLIT! SQL Server 2017 has a whole bunch of neat stuff: CONCAT_WS…
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The Surprising Behavior of Trailing Spaces

In every training class we do, I learn stuff from students. Here’s last week’s surprise. Create a temp table, and put in a value with trailing spaces. Then query for it using the = and <> operators, using different numbers of trailing spaces: Transact-SQL CREATE TABLE #Wines (Winery VARCHAR(50)); INSERT INTO #Wines VALUES ('Cliff Lede…
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Inline Table Valued Functions: Parameter Snorting

You’ve probably heard about parameter sniffing But there’s an even more insidious menace out there: Parameter Snorting. It goes beyond ordinary parameter sniffing, where SQL at least tried to come up with a good plan for something once upon a compile. In these cases, it just plain gives up and throws a garbage number at…
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A Little Fun With Math

I’ve never been much at math But I’ve always liked reading about it. It’s super interesting, and it always blows my mind. Like, guaranteed. Once in a while I’ll even try my hand at solving problems I read about in SQL. Not because SQL is a particularly good language for it; but just because sometimes…
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Tara Kizer

What TRY/CATCH Doesn’t Handle

We were once asked in class what TRY/CATCH doesn’t handle besides object existence errors. It’s well documented in Books Online (BOL). If you’re like me, then tl;dr. Are we even calling it Books Online these days? I still say “bookmark lookup” instead of “key lookup”. I suppose I’ll be saying Books Online for quite some…
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