[Video] Office Hours: Yes, I’m In the Same Shirt


Why yes, I’m wearing the same shirt as the video from “yesterday”. Why do you ask? Stop paying attention to that, and check out the top-voted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:12 DBABA (database administrator by accident): I have a complex, nested view. everytime after a dacpac deployment this view runs into timeouts for a couple of days. during deployment no indexes are rebuilt. what could cause this? the only suspect left to me are view refreshs during deployment/skewed statistics.
  • 01:28 Sean: Is a buffer pool extension worth using if your storage is SSD anyway?
  • 02:56 Christopher Wallace: What is your opinion of using Azure Elastic SAN for hosting SQL VM data files?
  • 04:58 Stanley Burrell: What is your opinion of using HammerDB for load testing prospective new SQL Server VMs?
  • 06:10 Blutarsky: What is you recommended naming convention for clustered indexes, non-clustered indexes, and constraints?
  • 07:26 gserdijn: Hello Brent, if I have a table with a composite primary key (C1, C2) which is also the clustered index, does it make sense to have a nonclustered index on column C1? I found a few of these, and I would like to trim the fat.
  • 08:41 Danielle Bregoli: Is there a good way to determine if a given query / query plan was the result of a plan guide?
  • 09:45 Gonzo: What are your pros/cons of SSMS vs Azure Data Studio? When should you use one over the other?
  • 11:10 Merrill Stubing: What are your protips for combating sea sickness and jetlag?
  • 14:15 pete: ping me please – I try to watch all the office hours but I do miss a few. Would be nice if we could get notified that our question was being covered. Office hours are like free training.
  • 15:20 Ricardo: Is there any way I can throttle (not stop) I/O for a specific SQL login in SQL Server 2016 standard edition? (it’s in an Azure VM by-the-way)
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  • Edzisani Tshihatu
    November 8, 2023 5:22 pm

    This webcast sessions are very useful and informative. You are Doing Great Sessions, Thanks Brent and well done.

  • Hello Brent,

    I have a question if you can answer in the next week news letter. My question is

    If there are many DML’s running on server and when failover is initiated I expect it should not be successful and primary should take time to come online. but I have a case where failover is successful to primary but secondary took a long time to get in sync. And database went to recovery mode. why did this happen?

    My understanding is Primary also should not come online immediately but no issues with primary server.

  • Hello, just wanted to thank you from France .. I did start off watching all the free content you provide, then I was able to convince my boss to pay for all those nice & fluffy “mastering” videos. Everybody’s happy, you got a paying client, I got my curiosity quenched AND my boss is happy with all those new improvements on our DBs. Looks like your business model of getting just the right amount of free stuff to incentive on the paying is working, congrats & thanks again!

  • At one point BPE were useful in IaaS applications where memory was constrained by few instance type options that necessitated either taking on very expensive instances that had enough memory but would be almost idle, or sacrificing some performance to better utilize resources. This was especially true in Azure, but since then MS has provided a far better set of VM resource configurations


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