[Video] Office Hours: Having a Bad Day Edition


The first day back after a long vacation is always rough, and today’s no exception. I took your questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento in an effort to turn things around and get back in the groove:


Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 01:12 NotCloseEnoughToRetirementToStopLearning: If you got a new job production DBA where you had to support one of the open source RDBMS (mariadb, postgres etc) how would you start learning that new technology?
  • 02:27 i’m a potato: Hi Brent, how would you configure SQL Server to survive frequent power outages? Is disabling disk cache an option, for example? we can’t buy UPSs and config poweroffs at this point. The new site just sucks this hard.
  • 03:18 Stockburn: Hi Brent, Random message but have you still kept your place in Mexico? Used to love the turtle videos. As always thanks for everything you do for the SQL community.
  • 04:12 Sam Gompers: What is your opinion of a 32 hour work week for corporate America?
  • 04:48 Thorbjørn Harr: What are your pros / cons of using SQL Server to send customer facing emails?
  • 05:41 Miles: Hi Brent, RCSI enabled on the database and (NOLOCK) hint is being used all over places.We also see a lot of Sch-S locks and blocking happening. SELECT’s blocking INS/UPD/DEL/TRUNCATE..Could you please explain a scenario where NOLOCK can be evil in any one of above situations?
  • 06:52 Q-Ent: HI Brent, Do you plan any changes on your mastering Index tunning class in order to add columnstore indexes? Can columnstore be part of DEATH method?
  • 07:16 Mr. SqlSeeks: How did your experience with Invisalign go? How long did you use it and how do you feel about the results?
  • 07:40 sureman: As a consultant, how do you protect yourself from finger pointing/blame for problems that occur after you leave? what would you advise other consultants who may face this issue?
  • 09:13 M. Cardona: Can we look forward to any new online SQL training content from Brent Ozar in 2024?
  • 10:15 The Edge: What’s the Venetian Sphere like?
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