Free Webcast: How to Think Like the Engine, Live

You’re comfortable writing queries to get the data you need.

But you’re uncomfortable if someone asks you how it works, how SQL Server and Azure SQL DB turn your queries into results. You know there are execution plans, but … you’re uncomfortable reading them. You know queries need indexes, but you’re not sure which columns to put in order, or how SQL Server chooses between them.

How to Think Like the SQL Server EngineI’d like to teach you How to Think Like the SQL Server Engine for free.

In a 2-hour live session, you’ll learn the differences between clustered & nonclustered indexes, why seeks aren’t necessarily good and scans aren’t necessarily bad, why queries run so much faster in development than production, and much more. I wanted to design the most important concepts you could learn in your first 2-hour training session – whether you’re a developer, report writer, sysadmin, or DBA.

I’m doing 2 live sessions in different time zones:

  • Weds, Nov 15 10AM-Noon Eastern, 7AM-9AM Pacific
  • Thurs, Nov 16 3PM-5PM Eastern, Noon-2PM Pacific

Register below. (If you don’t see the form, click here to register.) See you in class!

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