[Video] Office Hours at the Arctic Circle


Just after passing the Arctic Circle marker and celebrating with a glass of champagne, I took your top-voted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 01:13 TheEveryDayDBA: Does it matter on what column you implement a table partition for a very large table? It has 28 billion rows, with no datetime column to segregate the data out. Will a query with multiple joins take longer to lookup data before / after the table partition is implemented?
  • 02:07 Oli-the-dba: In your previous iterations where you worked as a frontline dba, did you ever regret becoming a dba ?
  • 03:11 pete: My statistics on a huge table are horrible. How can I update statistics on the latest 10% of the table where the majority of the searches take place
  • 04:08 Jessica: Hi Brent, I recently had a Logical Consistency based io error: Incorrect Checksum. CHECKDB returned no errors on any database on the server (runs weekly, manually ran when I got the alert as well). Is it possible to have false positives for Error 824 or am I missing something?
  • 05:18 Hany Helmy: Hi Brent, my company is asking for a receipt or invoice for the Fundamentals & Mastering Bundle training as they don`t accept online payments as per the company policy, how to achieve that?
  • 06:06 Morrise Van Quible: I took your Mastering Indexes class, but don’t remember covering this. My friend says that if I have queries that sometimes have where clauses with Col A and other times Col A and B, that I should have 2 indexes. If I have 1 index on A & B, it has to read more data. True?
  • 08:31 Izzy G.: When running sp_whoisactive, we sometimes see a non-null sqlcmd / sqltext but the query plan column is null. What are the common causes for this scenario?
  • 09:09 Ozan: Hi Brent, in your Senior DBA Class you say with database mirroring we have either HA or DR, but not both. What if I set up sync mirroring to a different data center. Why do I still not have HA and DR? Thanks.
  • 10:20 how-did-I-get-here: Is there a new version of the SQL Server Setup PDF? The one I got in the FR Kit dates from SS2012. Also, is your advice still to have separate drives for dbf, logs, and tempdb even in a VM environment where the different ‘drives’ are partitions on a huge shared drive array?
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