[Video] Office Hours: Almost Back in San Francisco

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It’s back to lighter fog-friendly clothes as the ship pulls into San Francisco and I answer your questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 01:16 Pozzolan: Hey Brent, My companies budget for SQL licensing is small. In such situations, does it make sense to switch or start all new development on something like PostgreSQL? What suggestions would you make to a company that has a small SQL licensing budget?
  • 02:59 I watched Titanic on a cruise ship: Hi Gregory, what are your thoughts on doing index maintenance on indexes with fewer than 1.000 pages? Did it happend to bring you across the finish line?
  • 03:36 Parminder: What is the best way to profile / performance tune a stored proc with thousands of queries due to heavy use of multiple cursors in a single sproc?
  • 05:16 Olga: Can we look forward to an “Ozar office hours – hot tub time machine” twitch edition in the near future?
  • 05:39 Jim Ignatowski: What’s your opinion of keeping the cloud based DR SQL 2019 VM undersized on cores / memory and upsizing it right before it is needed? This would be for cost reasons.
  • 07:05 Magdalena: Do you think chat gpt will some day lead to the demise of stack overflow and DBA stack exchange?
  • 08:52 Anatoli: Should monitoring for slow queries be a DBA responsibility or a developer responsibility (via app perf monitoring)?
  • 10:53 Anatoli: For DBA type sql agent jobs (i.e. checkdb), it is better to email on success or failure?
  • 11:24 Pozzolan: Yo Brent, Does your training cover Table Partitioning and sliding window partitioning? Or Partitioning in general?
  • 12:43 ThanYou: Hey Brent. Have you thought about an appendix to your courses? I need information from several of your videos again and sometimes it is difficult to find the subjects I am looking for.
  • 13:55 Eduardo: What is your opinion of A.G. auto page repair? Can it mask more serious hardware problems?
  • 15:21 Janus: What are your thoughts about setting NOCOUNT, XACT_ABORT to ON at the start of each SP?
  • 16:13 A fan: What is the diff between the following “joins” A – Select x from T1 inner join T2 … B – Select x from T1, (select … from T2 …) C – Select x from T1 where T1.a = (select … from T2 …) D – CTE With respect to exec plan & performance?
  • 16:55 Pozzolan: Hey Brent, Can you recommend any other SQL Guru’s doing this sort of QA content or Youtube videos?
  • 17:32 ThanYou: Hey Brent. When you tune queries, do you also look on how / when they are executed? If they are executed by a nightly job, they may not be as important to tune as if they are run by the application during work hours.
  • 18:52 Rufus: Have a sproc where we need to build HTML for the the email body used by msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail. Do you know of any good TSQL libraries for building HTML?
  • 20:45 Mary: Do you ever see a clustered index of a DateTime followed by an identity column? Do you see any good use cases for this potential clustered index?
  • 22:23 Larry: Is PostgreSQL as difficult as SQL Server to pull the actual (not compiled) query params from a captured query?
  • 22:47 ALSO_I_ALSO_WANT_A_FERRARI: Hi Brent! Do you think working with SQL Server is suitable with having a side-hustle?
  • 22:52 Somebody’s watching me – Rockwell: Do you think Microsoft shares the Azure SQL DMVs docs with SQL monitoring vendors or do they just figure it own their own?
  • 24:05 Sea chub: Where do you draw the line in “teaching men to fish” with regards to helping users with their query performance?
  • 25:45 ALSO_I_ALSO_WANT_A_FERRARI: Hi Brent! Have you had cases throughout work when something is bogging you so much you think you’re going crazy? Even when trying a very simple thing, it would give you unexpected results? Thanks!
  • 27:42 Shawn_M: Hi Brent! My company uses Azure SQL DB and Data Dogg for monitoring. Neither of those have any built-in SQL Server error alerting. Are the days of SQL Agent raising errors over? I’m honestly not sure that there is value in error alerting in SQL DB. Is up/down monitoring enough?
  • 28:46 Donnie Darko: Is it safe to invoke sp_send_dbmail directly, or should we abstract it and call a proxy sp to protect against breaking changes in future SQL Server upgrades?
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  • Regarding Mary’s question. We use a datetime + identity as a PK and clustered index for some logging tables. Like dbo.errorlog which is being fed by a procedure call in CATCH blocks. Or dbo.eventlog which is being filled with application error information.

    Just one clustered index, no other indexes needed because the users only query the data on date only. If some additional nonclustered indexes are needed, I would probably reconsider this construction.


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