[Video] Office Hours: Testing the First Responder Kit


I tested the April release of the FRK, then answered your questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.


Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 28:37 Make_a_car_and_call_it_a_Brentley: Hi Brent, thanks for everything you do for the community. I was wondering on your opinion on using RegEx within a SQLquery and it’s performance. We have queries where we analyse about 2 million rows with usually a good 30-50 %something% values to search for.
  • 30:18 Koritt: Hi Brent. DBCC CHECKDB runs CHECKALLOC, CHECKTABLE, and CHECKCATALOG against a DB. Would running each call separately (eg: to spread CHECKTABLE over time for large DBs) give the same level of validation as CHECKDB, or does CHECKDB do additional checks the individual calls do not?
  • 31:42 Piotr: For patching purposes, is it safe to simply reboot a SQL Server FCI after patching or should you always shut down the SQL Server agent and SQL Server instance prior to rebooting? Hoping to avoid data corruption.
  • 32:44 Fellow Early Riser: Does your early to rise cause early to bed? Have you always been an early riser?
  • 33:20 Tom: Hi Brent, Have you ever encountered a database that hasn’t been designed properly and wasn’t normalized? If you have, how did you deal / react to the situation?
  • 35:00 Carnac: Enjoyed watching you evaluate each DBA’s top SQL wait stats. Can we look forward to a future episode of this?
  • 35:33 Benji: Is there consideration for bringing constant care to PostgreSQL? What is the hassle / reward ratio for this?
  • 37:16 TJ: We’re experiencing constant deadlocks with xp_userlock calls within sp_getApplock. Do you have recommendations for how to improve the deadlocks?
  • 38:59 Jon: How was Iceland?
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