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A lot of today’s questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento have a common theme, but it’s just a coincidence:

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 07:40 Maciej: Hi Brent, when you are working on the course/training how do you know that the current version is “good enough”? I am asking because my friend has a tendency to spend an enormous amount of time (or even worse – not finishing it) when he is working to prepare a presentation?
  • 10:22 Alex: I need to upgrade SQL VMs (SQL16 Compt Lvl 14). I want to upgrade to SQL22 and keep CL as is. My manager doesn’t want to make too many changes at once (stay on 16), upgrade is complex and I think that if we don’t move to 2022 now we will never do. Does it worth the fight?
  • 12:07 gringomalbec: Hi Brent, In my opinion SQL Server really shines when it comes to Columnstore Indexes. And this is not my friend’s opinion – you know what I mean 🙂 I’m familiar with your Fundamentals as well as Nico blog site. But is there any chance that you write more blog posts about it ?
  • 13:47 Champaign DBA: The dev team has created new pages in an app where every column of a display can be filtered/sorted. There are only 10 columns, but that’s 1024 index combos. Other than guesses based on selectivity and using the DEATH method post release, any tips on indexing this nightmare?
  • 17:05 GuaroSQL: I have a db with 1.5 Tb of data, 1.2 Tb of the size is just one table, it is possible store that table in another file group and try to restart that table? I can’t delete data from there
  • 18:18 Ron Howe: Is there any way to live-debug a SQL Server that is 100% CPU throttled due to bad query plan (MAXDOP) such that you can’t get a connection to it?
  • 19:16 ALSO_I_ALSO_WANT_A_FERRARI: Hello, I’m from Eastern Europe and work as a SQL Developer. I am looking for ways to get a job in either US or UK, where a junior’s salary is double to what a mid-level developer is getting here. I would be happy to get advice on where to look, and how to get such a job. Thanks!
  • 21:53 Mark M: I recently started at a new place (6 months ago) been working digging thru their DB’s ,, and have found they have like 10 views that just pull from openrowset. Seems like static data, but I am worried about security,, what are your thoughts?
  • 22:42 Piotr: You mentioned Qwest Toad for SQL Server. Besides Service Broker configuration, what things do you feel it does better than SSMS?
  • 23:13 Miguel: Is manager bias against remote DBA’s a legit concern? If so, how should you deal with it?
  • 25:04 Anatoli: What are the pros / cons of running SQL business logic in a SQL Agent Job vs a scheduled Windows task? Who should have access to create new agent jobs?
  • 28:04 Magnús: Enjoy your intro music, what genre is that? Where do you get it?
  • 29:09 Janus: Which blog engines have you used? What is your favorite?
  • 29:19 Mr. M: Hi, Will Azure SQL put DBAs out of jobs?
  • 31:16 The Pink Poodle: What white boarding tool do you like to use with remote clients?
  • 31:53 gserdijn: Hello Brent, can you tell our friends and me what the most important differences between running a database in SQL Server 2022 with Compatlevel 2019 and running a database in SQL Server 2019 are? We want to upgrade from 2017 but are not comfortable with 2022 yet.
  • 33:21 gotqn: Any risk of using master database objects like [master]..[spt_values] in production routines?
  • 34:03 Sean C: Hi Brent, after my friend broke up a query into two using a union all (accounting for them dang NULLs) so it is more sargable, they are seeing a distinct sort operator before the last concatenation and select. There is no order by and no distinct in the query. Any insight?
  • 37:15 Eduardo: Do you have any recommended tools for comparing two SQL Server instances (not DB’s) to quickly show where they are not configured identically (configuration drift)?
  • 38:08 Dean: If someone wanted to become the Brent Ozar for Postgresql what advice would you give them.
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