[Video] Office Hours: Azure & SQL Server Q&A


Y’all post questions at https://pollgab.com/room/brento, and I go through the top-voted ones on my Twitch channel streams.


Here’s what we covered today:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 01:56 Manoj: Where do you see artificial intelligence having the most impact on DBA’s?
  • 03:25 It’s ‘a me: Hi Brent, is it still “best practice” to have databases split into multiple mdf files in the days of SSDs? Especially since the files live on the same SSD
  • 04:57 Mr. SqlSeeks: Is it an accurate assumption that as SQL Server cardinality estimates improve, the query engine gets more aggressive in using those estimates to build plans, which is why some queries are awful once you change the compat level? Were the previous engine versions more forgiving?
  • 08:03 StillLearning: Hi Brent, I’m trying to understand why so many people think that using partitions with SQL Server will improve the performance of their queries. I don’t know much about Oracle, but It seems that Oracle partitions can improve some queries. Could this belief come from there?
  • 09:50 Eduardo: Should you purchase third party monitoring software for Azure SQL DB?
  • 12:24 Malmo: What’s your opinion of simultaneously using both bitlocker and SQL TDE to protect SQL data?
  • 13:23 marcus-the-german: Hi Brent, let’s say I have a AG, which is setup correctly to read the data from the secondary (the routing is correct, not the network routing ;-)), the app is configured to read from the secondary. If so, should I see the select statements in the secondary’s activity monitor?
  • 14:41 Stimpy: What are the top challenges that versionless SQL server poses to the first responder kit?
  • 16:48 Janus: See lots of videos for SQL on linux but does this feature really get used all that much?
  • 17:26 Leif: On a really wide table where users search on every column, will it be best to use column store index? Or will tables with a lot of rows gain the most from CS index?
  • 19:52 Going_Parallel: Brent, How do you best prevent yourself from “burning out”, and recognizing when you need to take a step back? Relevant for all job, but certainly in our field.
  • 23:25 Nortzi: Hi Brent. I’ve heard from you and from others that it’s a really bad idea to shrink your data files. Other than causing index fragmentation are there other compelling reasons not to do this?
  • 24:30 David Singleton: Hi Brent, thanks for sharing, your recorded classes are a bargain and have saved my butt many times now. Is there some way in an SSMS query to tell it which SQL server to connect to? Something like the SERVER equivalent of how USE works to tell it which DATABASE to use.
  • 28:07 m2devdotnet: Random, non-SQL related question – do you have any pictures of your office layout? We’re moving into our new house and I like your setup and curious what the overall layout is
  • 30:53 Y?mò: How should DBAs describe what they do for a living to non technical peeps?
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