[Video] Office Hours: Live Q&A


This one’s broken up into two parts because I took a bio break mid-stream:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 03:04 Clippy: Hey Brent, you are the best!!! Can you share us more about your roots? What’s the origin of your family name and where does it comes from?
  • 04:15 I_ALSO_WANT_A_FERRARI: Hi Brent, first of all thank you for all your good advices. During a batch I can see a heavy CPU load, in the perf monitor the
  • #compiles are +/- 80% compared to the
  • #batch requests. Too much. Most of the compiles are coming from TVP as param for a SP. Is this a bad practice?
  • 06:52 Sid V: Is their better value for the production DBA to go deep (knowledge) in their field or go wide (knowledge) in their field? What are the common examples you see of going deep and wide?
  • 10:38 Curious DBA: Hi Brent! Do you recommend manually configuring the pagefile.sys size and drive(s) it resides on when configuring new SQL Servers, or is that something you let Windows handle? If you do configure it, how do you determine how much size to allocate to it?
  • 11:33 Jaime Sommers: Is there a good way to determine what percent of queries are single threaded vs multi threaded for the purposes of knowing if we have too many cores / licensing.
  • 13:07 Q-Ent: Hi Brent . How do you imagine your life at your retirement. I assume for us, your followers will be “Brent Ozar Unlimited Last Update 2 years ago” :D. Do you prepare any successor for this empire !!!! Love your Job and your life perspective.
  • 14:03 gserdijn: Hello Mr Brent, Microsoft documentation on SET ARITHABORT for all versions states: “Setting ARITHABORT to OFF can negatively impact query optimization, leading to performance issues.” Why is that? Is the Cardinality Estimation so fragile?
  • 15:51 Yusuf: What are the best resources for learning PostgreSQL performance tuning?
  • 18:09 The Dyslexic DAB: Hi, We used to have a ‘special’ SQL license which meant that it matter if we installed Enterprise or Standard. Our licensing has changed and we now have dozens of Enterprise Editions that we can’t afford! Any advice or gotchas for downgrading from Enterprise to Standard? Thanks

And part two:

  • 00:00 Start, Twitch ad discussions
  • 00:40 DumbQuestionsRUs: Would you still recommend formatting drives to 64k?
  • 00:54 Shefatyah: What interesting stuff in the query plan XML do you wish was visible in the SSMS UI query plan?
  • 01:43 DantheSQLMan: Do you have any advice on working out of the country with SQL consulting?
  • 03:10 i_love_you_brent: Good morning Brent! We have 250 db on 1 instance.we use SIOS for failover on secondary. All dbs are on different versions with creepy procs for etl and etl data is stored in the same db.job runs every 15 to summarize data. Manager wants to separate 250 etl DBs on different machin
  • 04:38 Shefatyah: Sometimes running “EXEC sp_BlitzFirst @Seconds =10, @ExpertMode = 1” just runs forever but if we turn off expert mode and re-run it, it returns results instantly. Is this due to tempdb contention? Any troubleshooting tips? SQL 2019 Enterprise thanks
  • 05:40 NoobDBA: Hi Sir! Can you share with us, your biggest challenge on any consulting job that have you been into. Thanks!
  • 07:40 How do you eat rice with chopsticks?
  • 08:04 Yusuf: Is there a recommended way to run a SSMS query and then immediately run sp_blitzcache to analyze the most recent run for that query?
  • 08:53 Cara Dune: Which is better for office hour streaming? Youtube or Twitch? Why?
  • 10:02 ChopstickWizard: Probably a very silly question. When I write Select A.* from A INNER JOIN B On A.T = B.T and then someone else writes Select A.1 From A, B Where A.T = B.T Whose is better? Performance wise. so sorry if this is a very basic question
  • 12:26 EngineHorror: Have you ever run into the Halloween problem in any of the DMLs? Can one say that the recent versions of SQL Server don’t have it?
  • 13:48 i_love_you_brent: We have 250 dbs on 1 instance with etl and oltp together. is it worth spending time on separating those to 500 dbs 1 for etl and 1 for oltp. reports are timing out sometimes.
  • 14:40 ExtramileDBA: I have done tons of projects on SQL server and recently moved to a shop that is pro-MYSQL with SQL server only supporting ISV products. Do you know of any awesome MySQL conferences similar to the likes of Group By, SQL bits and Pass.
  • 16:08 Aleksey Vitsko: Hi Brent! With announced “failover from SQL Server 2022 to SQL Managed Instance” feature still being in private preview, do you think Microsoft will make this feature publicly available with one of future CU for SQL 2022 ? Just install CU and feature becomes available ?

I’m doing live streaming on my Twitch channel on Wednesdays & Thursdays this summer, and the recordings will go live later on my YouTube channel. I’ll take questions from PollGab, do live coding, work on the First Responder Kit, and write blog posts.

The stream will start at 8:15AM Pacific, 11:15AM Eastern, and you can see the time in your local time zone here. I’ll stream for around 45 minutes.

To get notifications when I go live, follow me on Twitch, or Google Calendar users can use this invite. See you in Twitch!

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  • Would disagree on leaving the pagefile size to windows recommendation – not as a direct performance consideration to SQL but primarily to prevent windows from doing a full memory dump if it crashes.

    I’ll agree that if SQL is paging enough to expand the pagefile’s size significantly, you have big problems. But something like antivirus, a monitoring agent or a sysadmin turning on dynamic memory allocation without authorization, can all cause memory leaks that can expand the pagefile large enough to do a full memory dump on a subsequent reboot. Then following a crash can take a server down for an extended period as it writes the full memory contents. If it happens, it is not a matter of writing the memory size to disk at normal speed, full core dumps seem to write much more slowly for some reason. With a really large crash dump, it may be so big that it could be impractical to analyze and won’t serve you any better than the minidump anyways.

    There is also the issue of the pagefile interfering with whatever else is on the drive if it grows rapidly, but think this is probably less likely.


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