[Video] Office Hours: Snowy Michigan Edition


We went up to Michigan to see my dad’s side of the family, and the snow came down just in time for our arrival. Always love the fresh snow look.

So I stood outside and took your top-voted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento. Let’s see what y’all came up with today:

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:27 York!: Hi Brent! Recently you indicated in your Weekly Links that you aren’t a fan of schemas in a db. Can you elaborate as to why? Thanks!
  • 02:06 Brian: Linked servers; you bash them and yes they’re evil and slow. You’ve said “why not connect directly to the server that has the data”, I agree. But in cases where my friend has data on two servers (can’t consolidate them) and you need to query it together, how do you optimize that?
  • 03:52 Youssef L.: Hi Brent, I’ve been a paid SQL DBA since I was 17(5 years ago), I landed a Senior position and I’m one of 2 DBAs in the company working on a huge migration project from on-prem to Azure(600DBs). Management wants to use MI while I want always on approach.what do you think is best?
  • 04:50 M.: Hi Mr. Brent. Can you tell me why it is bad for performance to write WHERE datecolumn = getdate()? Thank You.
  • 05:36 Dru: Is the Pluralsight business model not long for this world since content creators can make so much more $$$ hosting their own training videos?
  • 05:51 Dance Monkey: Is it ok to simultaneously install Windows updates and SQL cumulative updates at the same time via windows update?
  • 06:49 Frank Drebin: What is the next version of SQL Server that will be deprecated in the first responder kit? When will this take place?
  • 07:46 Peter Riis: Hello Brent. Querying Spatial Data are sometimes really slow. The est. vs. act. number of rows using spatial functions can be way off. I joined your Level 2 Bundle and can’t find any hints on tuning these Queries. Do you have any ideas on tuning Queries on Spatial data?
  • 09:08 Patricia Zysk: Considering the limitations of both, what SQL feature do you recommend for tracking changes AND knowing which user made the change/date. In 2023 seems silly to have to write a trigger for part 2 of this with CDC. Thanks!
  • 10:07 thevibrantdba: In a prior webcast you mentioned Andy leonard for SSIS and my experience with the videos has been amazing. Now, who is the brent ozar for SSRS?
  • 10:49 Lenny: What is your opinion of distributed partitioned views in SQL Server?
  • 11:31 ConsultingMadness: While discussing reporting requirements, a client explained an internal process that sounded like a backdoor to avoid a tax requirement. It sounded a little sketchy. Have you ever encountered something like this, did you keep working with them, or have other advice to share?
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