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Y’all post and upvote questions at https://pollgab.com/room/brento, and I stream sessions on my Twitch.tv channel where I answer ’em and chat with the audience.

  • 00:00 Start
  • 02:09 Chad Baldwin: Hey Brent! “a friend told me” MSSQL will use an index’s stats to generate a plan, but not use the index itself.
  • 03:25 Jeremiah Daigle: Hey Brent, I’ve been unable to proceed past Compat mode 140… with recurring battles with “8657 – Could not get the memory grant” Is there a new configuration option?
  • 04:48 PatchesOHoulihan: Oh wise and benevolent Oz(ar), has there been any chatter around the DCOM hardening patches Microsoft started releasing last July, and the final March patch?
  • 05:20 Haydar: What is your opinion of the new optimized locking functionality in Azure SQL DB?
  • 06:43 CompletedFundamentalsAndMastering: sp_blitzIndex shows 3 minutes of lock waits on CX after just 2 days uptime (large, over-indexed table). 1 NCX shows 24s lock waits, but all others are 0, including one with 19 cols!
  • 07:39 Geoff Langdon: Hi Brent, When using AGs with a read only replica, there doesn’t seem to be a way to map a new user to the read only replica database on the replica
  • 08:47 Alex: Hi Brent, I’m conducting interviews for potential candidates in SQL. Currently I’m exposing Azure SQL DB to public IP so that candidates can connect from home to take a test.
  • 09:45 Peter: Hello Brent. To get a steady Plan Cache we set PARAMIZATION = FORCED on several DB’s. After tuning the most resource intensive queries, would you then recommend to go back to SIMPLE?
  • 10:53 Leif: A friend told me that an unused index can reduce performance of a select statement. Is that possible ?
  • 12:01 Boris: Ahoi! Is finnaly the time to migrate my old ETL SSIS packages to Azure Data Factory?
  • 13:56 thevibrantdba: My friend is a novice and is wondering if there are any known links to see at glance what SQL server version brought what feature for prospective interviews.
  • 16:11 Andrew P.: Hi Brent, my three person data team about to merge into a much larger team as part of a merger (an SME merging into an enterprise).
  • 18:14 Patricia Zysk: Using SSIS, SSRS, Agent jobs in daily on-prem work, do you recommend SQL Server in a VM or Azure SQL Managed Instance when moving to the cloud
  • 19:28 MI: Hi Brent, Sooo… how many queries have you had chatgpt optimize yet?
  • 19:40 Rando: Hi Brent! How does one confidently decide on a dump/backup interval for databases.. n times a day, etc.. What’s reasonable
  • 20:34 Clippy 2.0: Do you think ADS will become the better tool for query performance tuning in the long run?
  • 21:46 One_of_the_Party_People: Hi Brent. I work with a highly normalized database with nearly 2k tables. Some of the FK’d data will cascade 10+ levels deep. Is there a resource you can point me to for how to go about archiving data?
  • 23:01 LarrySQL: Hi Brent, I have a proprietary database where all stored procedures are encrypted (WITH ENCRYPTION) and some are slow. I can’t see execution plans in SSMS. I wonder if SQL SERVER can do optimization on this kind of encrypted objects.
  • 23:59 George : Do not upvote:
  • 24:31 Chris: Is there a good argument for continuing to take backups of read only databases, or do you take one last backup, validate it and test restore it then never worry about backups again?
  • 25:29 neil: sp_who shows like 1000 sleeping connections. sp_whoisactive just shows like 20 or 30 queries. sometimes Windows Events throws an error about being unable to reuse a spid. do i need to address this ?
  • 26:24 Q-Ent: Hi brent, Do you have any plans for discount offers other than black Friday for your classes ?
  • 26:43 Jeremiah Daigle: Have you run across scenarios where you had to turn MEMORY_GRANT_FEEDBACK_PERCENTILE_GRANT = OFF, in order to get around Memory Grant Errors related to Exceeding max config limits
  • 27:15 Champaign DBA: Do you have a blog post about the limitations of Azure features such as automatic index turning compared to the power of the sp_blitz tools?
  • 28:23 alwayslogshipping: From your experience, what is the notable missing link between skill set and the personality shops want to entrust with delivery of business values.
  • 30:13 BrentFan: Hi Brent, If you were tasked to take over SQL code deployment in production from the development team. How would you approach this?
  • 31:51 Maksim Bondarenko: What is the best (with mininum downtime) way to migrate databases between two different 2 node AlwaysOn Clusters (4 different servers)? SQL Server 2016 Enterprise to SQL Server 2019 Enterprise. One AG,few dbs and around 2 TBs of data. Also AG name must be the same after migration
  • 32:27 Nicolas: Hi Brent, a friend of mine wants to move a large column (a few KB) of an existing table to a second separate table to “optimize the logical reads on the Cluster index of the first table when the large column isn’t used”.
  • 33:17 Mr. SqlSeeks: I am researching Always Encrypted, trying to get around the cross-database query limitation. Are you aware of any way to use the same key in multiple databases?
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