[Video] Office Hours: Hotel Balcony Edition, Part 2


Post your questions at https://pollgab.com/room/brento and upvote the ones you’d like to see me cover. In today’s episode, I sit down on a quiet hotel balcony and talk through a bunch of interesting questions:

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:59 Haydar: What tools do you like to use when troubleshooting azure sql db query performance issues?
  • 01:57 The Midhight Idol: Does the glitz and glamour of Vegas ever wear off or get old?
  • 02:48 Haydar: Would a PostgreSQL version of constant care see the same demand and success?
  • 03:23 Walcott: Which Intelligent Query Processing features do you like or dislike in SQL Server 2019 and 2022?
  • 04:18 Delete_Rule:Cascade: Good day Brent! I’m new to data warehousing and I was wondering what your thoughts are on using SSIS for ETL operations? Are there similar products out there that are better or is SSIS the go-to product?
  • 05:08 Nikolajs: What is the largest number of tenants you have seen inside a single multi-tenant SQL server instance? Did this pose any unique challenges?
  • 07:00 Morty: What are your thoughts on new SQL 2022 ledger functionality and it’s use cases?
  • 09:27 MyFriendtheDBA: I’m getting excited about PASS Summit this November (my first). Being a Seattle-neophyte, any restaurant/food truck/personal kitchen recommendations for the trip?
  • 11:42 Nomad: My friend copied a database with Windows authentication using the “detach and attach” method. The .mdf and .ldf file permissions changed and reattaching the database failed. Why did the file permissions change and what steps would you take to resolve this issue?
  • 12:36 Madiha: What’s your opinion of the query plan viewer in Azure Data Studio?
  • 14:13 CronullaStingray: Hi Brent. I ran blitzindex and got “Indexaphobia: High Value Missing Index” which I created without modifications. It’s been over a month and the dm_db_index_physical_stats user_seeks and user_scans are both showing 0s. But blitzindex still says I need to create it. Why is that?
  • 15:33 Anatoli: How do you know if query store is a good / bad fit for your SQL server 2019 enterprise instance?
  • 16:30 Anatoli: What are the risks of long running native SQL backups?
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