[Video] Office Hours in the Valley of Fire State Park


I drove the Ferrari out through the Valley of Fire State Park and stopped out in the middle of nowhere to take the questions you’d upvoted at https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:39 Saket Mittal: Hi Brent, I am working with a developer on a query, this query has lots of join , cross apply subqueries etc. When running this query, it gives result within 2 mins, but when this query runs as select … into #table it keeps running for ever. Could you suggest the reason?
  • 02:43 Anthony DiNozzo: Did DBA Brent ever have to deal with boredom on the job? How did they deal with it?
  • 04:40 Lennie Briscoe: Do you read the SSMS release notes? Anything exciting of late?
  • 06:04 Rashad: Has SQL trace flag 1800 ever boosted you over a HADR / Log shipping speed bump?
  • 06:54 Martin Guth: Hi Brent. Regarding HA I soon have to switch from FCI (we ran for years) to another option (currently running Standard Edition). What’s your take on Mirroring in 2022? Is this still an option? Can you name 3 perks moving to AGs on Enterprise Edition could bring regarding HA?
  • 09:50 Too Much Spare Time: Hi Prof. Party Person, my friend is an app developer (but long time SQL Server enthusiast) working at a big company with hundreds of sql servers & team of DBAs. He feels like only one DBA is friendly/easy to work with – any suggestions to keep on the rest of the team’s good side?
  • 11:42 The Ferrari
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