[Video] Office Hours: Vail Fireside Chat


You posted and upvoted questions at https://pollgab.com/room/brento, and I sat down by the fire on a chilly evening in Vail, Colorado to answer ’em. I was driving cross-country, heading back from a road trip to see my mom.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:46 Ms. Cosmos: What are the top traits for the perfect DBA?
  • 02:09 Boris Karloff: What is your top SQL audit horror story?
  • 05:31 Midwest DBA: My friend is assisting with designing a new Data Warehouse solution for the BI team at his company. They really want HA and DR for their DW. I’ve never managed a DW that had HA/DR. What issues could occur if with using FCI for HA and Log shipping for DR, or AG for HA?
  • 07:58 i_use_lowercase_for_select: Hi Brent, I just watched Bob Ward’s pitch of SQL2022. Does compat. level 160 really solve the parameter sniffing problem as suggested by Microsoft?
  • 09:59 Jonas: Did your parents instill you with the desire to teach? Were they teachers?
  • 11:22 StatisticsRules: Hi Brent! What are you most excited about in the coming release of SQL Server 2022? Thanks for your epic contributions to the community!
  • 13:05 Jim: What is your opinion of DOP feedback in SQL 2022? Will this get shops over the finish line?
  • 15:15 VegasDBA: How are you enjoying living in Las Vegas? Any off the beaten path places you would recommend? I’ve been here for 20+ years and love it.
  • 16:17 Don’t Bother Andy: Is CU16 ready for prime time?
  • 18:00 MergeItLikeItsHot: Hi Brent, we have some very sensitive tables that we work on and before we update any value on that table we backup the entire table for fast recovery, do you recommend using temporal tables instead?
  • 19:26 SQLForTheWin: What is the best way to manage index deployments across multiple RDS instances? We have an application deployed in three regions and we need to deploy the same indexes across the instances.
  • 20:30 TurnerBurn: I have a table that contains no primary key but has a non-unique clustered index containing 3 columns and, of course, the 4-byte clustering key SQL tacks on for uniqueness. Is there an advantage with this design or would an id column PK and non-clustered indexes be better?
  • 21:39 Jason Burton: How do you stay current with such a variety of skillsets?
  • 25:16 Beaker: Are DBA’s typically disliked by their co-workers? Should we care?
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  • I wanted to ask this for Office Hours but am currently blocked by Proxy (working on that). In the meantime, I have a fresh slate of dev and test VM’s coming for a SQL upgrade. Is there a straightforward path from the Community Preview to a licensed Dev Edition once it releases? I would like to upgrade to 2022 in this iteration, and we won’t be going to production obviously before it officially releases, but I’d like to get started with it now and would like to avoid having to totally scrap my install on Dev/Test and redo it to get out of Evaluation.


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