[Video] Office Hours: Professional Development Questions


Most of the questions y’all post at https://pollgab.com/room/brento are technical ones, but there were a handful of interesting professional development and career ones in the queue, so I cherry-picked those for today’s episode:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:20 GI Joe DBA: Have you ever refused a consulting project \ opportunity and why?
  • 03:35 Doug E: How do you prefer building up your SQL vm’s in AWS? Terraform, docker, chef, etc?
  • 04:46 Hany: Hello Brent, Who is “Brent Ozar” in the Azure world?
  • 07:00 GI Joe DBA: What do you do when you’ve inherited a project and the business logic and institutional knowledge is overwhelming and it makes your “eyes glaze over”?
  • 08:35 DBA_preparing_for_jobsearch: what is your opinion on interviewers asking SQL Server internals questions instead of practical day-to-day activity based questions?
  • 10:26 Trushit: How would you handle clients/managers who want everything “ASAP”, especially their “ASAP” expectation is weeks and somethings months apart from my “ASAP”? Usually they come from business background and think that if something is easy to use, it must be easy to build.
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