[Video] Office Hours: Q&A on the Beach at Sunset


You posted and voted on questions at https://pollgab.com/room/brento and I answer ’em on the beach. It’s not your eyes: the camera’s hunting for focus a lot in this video.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 01:01 RoJo: Please comment on the Cloud. Too much push at my company to the Cloud without backing to do so. Lots of issues, costs, delays to get there. Supposed savings (less maintenance) seem non-existent. Less performant. We already own SQL server so ‘renting’ a new location seems like waste
  • 02:58 Latka Gravas: Hi Brent, my coworker has sp_whoisactive logging to a table every 30 seconds. Is this is an acceptable amount of observer overhead?
  • 04:57 dan heile: for the answer question sessions – we have an archive database that is growing in size. we were going to look at row or page level compression but the sys engineers said that with our pure or netapp flash storage that all compression is done at the san level. thought?
  • 07:27 Dan Griswold: Hi Brent, do you know of any gotchas when upgrading to a new SQL Server server version and then running the old database in compatibility mode. I’m considering using this method to get off my older servers and then worry about upgrading the compatibility mode later. Thanks!
  • 08:42 Desi: I am seeing too many “sleeping” connections in SQL from application. Can this be a cause of concern? SQL version is 2017 Enterprise edition
  • 09:24 Gustav: Thank you for the highly informative Office Hours sessions. The sunrises are an additional bonus. Will there be a “Watch Brent Code” stream at some point considering your schedule? Those too are great to watch. How you “tackle” a challenge that needs to be solved.
  • 10:28 Hatsune: Does parameterizing TOP ( SELECT TOP (@MaxRows) ) contribute to potential query performance problems?
  • 11:25 Frank Poncherello: Hi Brent, Is Resource Governor ever a good traffic cop for a busy multi-tenant OLTP system with multi-terabyte DB?
  • 13:22 Career pro tip
  • 13:43 Ahmet: Do you know of a good page that shows the new features by SQL Server version?
  • 14:30 Nedim: We sometimes see high disk IO utilization for one of our 15 SAN drives but not sure which queries are driving the IO. Is there a good way to determine which queries are targeting tables for a given SAN drive for a particular point in time?
  • 15:35 Mike: Hi Brent, what are your thoughts regarding onprem SQL Server backup to azure storage functionality? Any issues with it?
  • 17:20 Don’tBotherAsking: Hi Brent, love your work. A friend improved a slow running vendor query for the business with a covering index. Query now completes in fraction of the time. But query optimizer now says reason for early termination is ‘time out’ instead of ‘good enough’. Is this fix sub-optimal?
  • 18:20 Sunset
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