[Video] Office Hours: SQL Server at Sunset


Let’s kick back with a tasty beverage and go through your highest-upvoted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento on the beach:

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:49 Alexander Speshilov: How to determine amount of memory (RAM) used by query store?
  • 02:23 Aslan: Merhaba Brent, in your opinion, what are the top 4 databases to administer by DBA pay scale?
  • 04:40 Murdock: In a 2 node sync AG, should my friend let the reports read from Primary or Secondary? What if the DBs from which the reports are reading have RCSI enabled?
  • 07:10 Tobias Fünke: Howdy Brent, we see a lot (3 thousand plans for 1 query hash) of duped query plans due to queries using literal values instead of parameterized values in the where condition. Are there any potential gotcha’s associated with enabling Forced Parameterization in this scenario?
  • 08:16 Annyong Bluth: Hello Brent, We have ISV app for which we made our own non-clustered index to help with speed for our own custom report. Unfortunately, this broke the next major upgrade script for that app / db. What are your thoughts on applying NC indexes to ISV app db’s?
  • 10:10 Buster Bluth: Hello Brent, from a hiring perspective, what are the traits that distinguish a junior SQL DBA from a Senior SQL DBA?
  • 11:30 Adam West: Hi Brent, is it possible/safe/wise to offload backups and CHECKDB to an AG secondary server?
  • 14:00 Wrap-up and discussion of life in Cabo
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