[Video] Office Hours: Ask Me Anything About SQL Server at Vestrahorn


The beach at Vestrahorn mountain looks different every time we’ve visited: high tide, low tide, sun, clouds. Always a fun side trip when we’re out in the southeast of Iceland. I took a break to answer the questions you upvoted here.

Questions we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:38 Scott M: When do you recommend sp_BlitzWho vs sp_WhoIsActive?
  • 03:15 Brandon: Does Clippy consider selectivity when building missing indexes?
  • 05:10 Hugo: I have a temporary staging table whose statistics constantly update. Should I turn off automatic stats updates?
  • 07:02 Kavia MP: Is RCSI a good alternative to NOLOCK?
  • 07:31 Glev: Do you do consulting on Postgres?
  • 09:10 Fundamentals of MS Docs: What does the query optimizer fixes setting do?
  • 10:44 PPI: Can I use log shipping to migrate from SQL Server 2012 to 2016?
  • 12:32 Andrew: What do you do when a training class participant can’t keep up?
  • 14:44 Rojo: We’re considering multiple satellite databases and one central server…
  • 18:00 Daniel: How do I estimate memory requirements for memory-optimized tables with 200M rows and VARCHAR(MAX) columns?
  • 19:29 Simon: How can I predict if my SQL Server has enough resources to handle a 50% increase in workload?
  • 21:48 Matt: Does a DBA deserve credit when the server is bored out of its gourd?
  • 22:25 Severio: How big will the transaction log be when I create a clustered index on a table?
  • 23:48 Terrible DBA: If I want to move to database development or architecture, who do I approach?
  • 25:52 Mark: I’m creating an ODS by using SSIS to do a backup & restore, then running scripts…
  • 27:27 JJ: Where do I start learning more about databases, indexing, performance tuning?
  • 29:40 Wrap-up
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