[Video] Office Hours: Húsavík Harbor Edition


Today’s session comes to you from the harbor in Húsavík, the whale watching capitol of Europe.

Questions I answered in the video:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:29 Is SQL Server 2019 ready for prime time now?
  • 02:47 Does WITH NOLOCK cause high CPU usage?
  • 04:53 Is MERGE a good practice or bad?
  • 06:36 OPENROWSET is so easy – why shouldn’t I use it?
  • 07:52 How can you tell if a server has enough CPUs?
  • 11:47 Discussing cargo cult programming
  • 15:25 Wrap-up

If you’ve got something you’d like to see me cover, ask your questions here, and while you’re at it, upvote other questions that you’d like to see covered. I’ll take the highest-upvoted questions and talk through ’em in an upcoming webcast.

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  • I absolutely LOVED the irony when you’re discussing cargo cult programming and then saying that you’re not really that familiar with it, that you’re just repeating what you have read about it… Awesome! I almost spit out the mouthful of tasty beverage I was consuming. Love your work, Brent!

  • Just excellent. Can you talk about Hyper-V and CPU scheduling? Same concept, I get customers who want “more cores” on their servers. I’m under the impression that Hyper-V needs to have all the cores available to schedule a slot for a VM to run, therefore more VMs can run if they all ask for less vCPU.

  • I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your recent Office Hours from the road, so caught up on a bunch of older Office Hours on YouTube. I’m absolutely astounded how frequently you must repeat the instructions. Accordingly I’m certain this is the correct venue to post the following questions:
    Where is Ja?!?!?!?!!
    How much?
    and most importantly, do YOU agree with Pinal Dave’s approach?!?!

    I wait with bated breath for your immediate and profound reply.

  • Oh midgies bite. Not everyone, but boy do they bit.


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