[Video] Office Hours: Ask Me Anything About Microsoft SQL Server


We took a break from roaming around Iceland long enough to check in at our home studio. While we were here, I did a live Office Hours session, taking your questions about Microsoft SQL Server.

Questions I answered in the video:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 02:35 How can I tell if my SQL Server has too much memory?
  • 05:20 Does normalization have a big performance impact?
  • 08:08 What performance metrics should we show to the business?
  • 11:17 Are SQL Server’s index recommendations any good?
  • 12:37 Thank you for all you do for the community.
  • 13:24 Are GUIDs a good clustering key for high concurrency?
  • 15:54 Should I stack multiple SQL instances on the same physical server?
  • 17:41 Do foreign keys help with performance?
  • 21:05 Is there a benefit to having an identity column?
  • 22:25 Why is my query blocking itself?
  • 25:29 Should I separate my database into multiple databases?
  • 27:46 What’s the best data type for primary keys?
  • 28:13 Should I enable RCSI locally since I use Azure SQL DB for production?
  • 29:32 Is my SQL Server slow because of my network?
  • 32:40 How should we move documents out of the database?
  • 33:30 Which query should I tune first?
  • 35:50 Is SQL Server 2019’s UTF8 support a game changer?
  • 38:13 Which query filled up my TempDB?
  • 40:35 Will there be a SQL Server 2021?
  • 43:35 What’s the best way to implement version control?
  • 44:23 What performance change yields the best bang for the money?
  • 45:49 Is 1,000 logical reads a big deal?
  • 46:58 What security role lets people administer SQL Agent jobs?
  • 48:35 How can I determine what permissions an application needs?
  • 50:35 How should I configure quorum for my cluster?

If you’ve got something you’d like to see me cover, ask your questions here, and while you’re at it, upvote other questions that you’d like to see covered. I’ll take the highest-upvoted questions and talk through ’em in an upcoming webcast.

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