Learn Fundamentals of Columnstore for $1.

Last week, I gave you a 1-week, $1 deadline, and 777 of you took me up on it. That’s awesome! I love having fun with stuff like this.

Let’s do it again! You’ve got 1 week to learn the Fundamentals of Columnstore for $1, and sales close Saturday. Here’s the abstract:

Fundamentals of Columnstore IndexesYour report queries are too slow.

You’ve tried throwing some hardware at it: your production SQL Server has 12 CPU cores or more, 128GB RAM, and SQL Server 2016 or newer. It’s still not enough to handle your growing data. It’s already up over 250GB, and they’re not letting you purge old data.

Will columnstore indexes help? To find out, you’ll learn:

  • How columnstore data is stored, and how that impacts your architecture choices
  • How to do a hands-on self-assessment of your workloads, data, and server to figure out whether columnstore indexes make sense for you
  • Why partitioning makes so much sense for columnstore indexes
  • How to do a proof-of-concept implementation with initial creation, querying, ongoing loads, and index maintenance

Normally, you’d have to pay $89 to access this course for a year. However, I know how it goes: you buy the course, it sits in your account, and you don’t actually finish it because you don’t have the time. Well, not today, bucko: you can buy the course for $1, but you only have access to it for 1 week, so you better move it or lose it.

You don’t have to follow along with the demos in this course, but if you want to, you’re going to need a beefy SQL Server: 4 cores, 30GB RAM minimum, and the ~200GB 2018-06 Stack Overflow database specially prepped for my Mastering training classes. Here’s how to set up your machine.

Oh and I don’t know why I’m even mentioning this, but it just so happens that if you do that setup, you’ll be ready to go for my Mastering Index Tuning class. The next live one of those is July 19-21st. There’s probably no reason that I’m mentioning that, right? It’s just a coincidence that if you’ve been following along with the $1 sale, you’ve done all of the prerequisites for that class. It’s probably nothing. Disregard. You can just close this and go on with your day.

Update: sale’s over! Congrats to the hundreds of folks who moved quickly and got in on the deal.

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