Query Store is the Flight Data Recorder. It’s Obvious What We Need Next.


When Microsoft brought out Query Store, they wrote:

Similar to an airplane’s flight data recorder, Query Store collects and presents detailed historic information about all queries, greatly simplifying performance forensics by reducing the time to diagnose and resolve issues.

I have a straight face under here, for real

It certainly works, making it easier for you to understand when a query’s execution plan suddenly goes downhill, taking your server with it.

But it isn’t enough.

In airplanes, it’s not enough to know that the throttles were powered down and the altitude plummeted. It’s not enough to know what happened: we need to know why it happened. What problem did the team think they were facing? Was there a misunderstanding in the cockpit about a metric? A disagreement between team members about how to solve the problem?

That’s why we need Voice Store.

Just as a cockpit voice recorder helps investigators better understand why decisions were made, SQL Server Management Studio needs a Voice Store to capture what the team was trying to do in the moments leading up to the crash.

To help speed up accident investigations, we simply can’t afford delays. That’s why it’s also important that Voice Store be connected directly to YouTube, automatically uploading recordings to help the community get to the root cause analysis.

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  • Me: “So how long ’til the weird daylight patterns in Iceland make you, you know, a bit loopy?” …

    Brent: “Oh, that will take years… we’ll be fine…”

  • I bet this was though off while bathing in the Blue Lagoon….. 😀

    But in an operations point of view….Spot on….

  • Felipe Schneider
    February 11, 2021 4:54 pm

    Guy1: “Hold my beer I will drop this table before the end of the shift”
    Guy2: “Are you sure we are on STG env?”
    Guy1: “I got several years working on SQL, I’m sure”
    1 min after
    Guy2: “Why is your phone is running so much??”

  • Maybe a thought store..
    I hardly ever talk when I make my mistakes..

  • The community should probably not have a voice recording of most of us when we’re trying to solve a thorny problem. Especially me if I’m solving one created by manglement…uh, I mean management. You might get a very profane education in every language I speak.

  • Hi Brent

    Pls plan a session on query store

  • Had to come here to see if I read that correctly. This gave me a good laugh!

  • Brent, you always make me chuckle!

  • @Allan I hear you.
    “Thought store” – not needed. Blank tape. People are less able to think. “If I need it I’ll google it”

    Would like to see something more like “Check engine light” or the tea pot (oil indicator)
    “Rebuild index needed” , VLOGS over 400, disk formatted with 1k clusters, forward page count more than 30%, “80% of rows updates since last update statistics”

    Planes have a voice saying “Pull up, Pull up!” so we could a voice saying “Write Resume! Write Resume!”

    Collation sequence errors skipped as we *ALL* run Bren’ts first responder script. (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge)

  • Voice 1: “But it maxes out the server for a whole hour!”
    Voice 2: “The users need this change NOW”
    Voice 1: “They only asked for it _this morning_”
    Voice 2: “We’ll sort out the performance problems later”

    • I think you just summarized two things, Seb… Agile Development and DevOps. 😀

      I try to remind people that “If you want something real bad, that’s the way you’ll usually get it”. 😀

  • I got a laugh. However, “PasteThePlan” would be extra cool if one could turn on a feature that displayed help links inside the plan. The the links would point directly to what you determine to be your most relevant content on the given topic. Or easter egg links to whatever you want! I know you’re not looking for more things to do except drive those nice cars. And Google works well. And your site is well indexed. Yada.

  • Ronald Dameron
    February 11, 2021 5:55 pm

    I can’t wait to see what you have set up for April 1. ?

  • Craig Petrosky
    February 11, 2021 6:01 pm

    Why require an analog voice capability? Why not wireless transmit the thoughts and detailed DNA sequence to the log of who made changes?

  • Um, Brent, April 1st isn’t for about 7 weeks…

  • Will HR have access to these recordings? Asking for a friend…

  • I thought you were going to a reason for Microsoft to make use of Power BI to help give people insight into why there were problems . . . yea well . . . I guess . . . Voice Store works . . .

  • You need biometrics recordings so you can watch the blood pressure go up when a programmer forgets to add the WHERE clause to an UPDATE (a support person did this recently at work on a Big Table).

  • Ronald Dameron
    February 11, 2021 8:59 pm

    Voice Store should also tweet to #sqlhelp or maybe a new hashtag #sqlhelp!@#$%^&*!

  • Did you also forget to install the mind reader linked to the ‘production release’ button?

  • I mean Query Store is cool and all but unless youre going to archive shit it has limited value past whatever retention threshold is set. Give us the options to give certain records extended properties and log them in a more permanent sense and then you have my attention. Its bee a minute or so since ive looked at QS though, so if Im way off base due to being behind its because I suck at keeping up.

  • Pedro Figueiredo
    February 11, 2021 11:24 pm

    And a auto-pilot?

  • Simple solution: include “Alexa” in all your database names, put Echos in all relevant (home) offices/conference rooms and leverage the Alexa Voice History.

  • No need. Once we’ve all had our vaccine against COVID-19 the microchips Bill Gates has introduced to it will make it happen. Or we’ll all be somekind of robot zombies who never make mistakes again. 😉
    And it’s still not April 1st….

    PS Seriously folks if you’re offered a vaccine please take it, I have.

  • Jason Kohlhoff
    February 14, 2021 3:30 pm

    @brent I know you’re sort of joking here but achieving a voice recorder on SQL Server is possible. It requires that:
    Your DBAs and developers must be disciplined, and you must relinquish control to automated processes and CI/CD. The voice we speak to SQL Server is T-SQL, and thus you need to record one thing: T-SQL. No, I’m not talking about turning on a Profiler trace or Extended Events, so keep reading pls.

    First – Relinquishing control means that you’re not remoting (RDPing) into your servers, and you’re never, ever just changing OS or SQL Server settings unless discussed and necessary. Don’t even think about rebooting to correct a problem because that’s just snake oil anyhow, get real.

    As a side note, these tenants will also prepare you for working with PaaS database like Azure SQL Database and “in the cloud” in general.

    So, at my previous gig we wrote a PowerShell command that we (DBAs) used to execute T-SQL on any of our SQL servers in all environments (dev, test, prod). That script logged the full command, who requested it, and what project, and the overall results (success/failure) to a table on our main production SQL server for future reference. Using the PowerShell command was required, no exceptions.

    It also automatically emailed the requestor the results of the query, which was a boon because the developers asking for X and Y script to be run would get results immediately, and it was on them to pay attention to success/failure, rows affected, etc.

    At the same time, we also rolled out CI/CD of our databases with Visual Studio SSDT Database Projects and Azure DevOps. We had a LOT of custom development going on with 4-5 teams at a time. CI/CD eventually and easily overtook the amount of code changes going through the PS command.

    Now everything I do as a BI developer at my new gig is in SSDT with CI/CD, and if I can help it, I will never go back to the old skool change scripts in SSMS BS method. The rest is showing my coworkers that this is a better and more reliable and supportable way to manage servers and databases, and training them how to do it.

  • Youtube is so boomer. We need everything to be live-streamed on Twitch.

  • I think Brent has been reading “Black Box Thinking”, and at a very high altitude!


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