Updated Fundamentals of Database Administration Class: Just $39

You’re a systems administrator or developer who’s been stuck in charge of the SQL Server. You have a couple of production SQL Servers, no high availability or disaster recovery, and around 100GB of data or less on each server.

You’ve never been to a “real” SQL Server training class, and you’ve been Googling your way through problems alright, but you’re starting to realize that this SQL Server thing is kinda complicated.

Let’s get you up to speed, quickly, with the most important things to learn before they catch you by surprise and ruin your day. No theory here, only the real deal production stuff, pronto.

You’ll learn:

  • How to configure your backups
  • How data gets corrupted, and how to detect corruption before your users do
  • How to apply patches (and which ones to apply)
  • How to configure a new SQL Server
  • How to use Agent jobs, and why you should probably push back when your users ask for one

This class is opinionated. I’m not reading you the documentation out loud: I’m telling you the things that have burned me over the years, just like a senior database administrator taking you under their wing.

This is a recorded class, and you can start streaming the recordings as soon as you check out. Recorded Class Season Pass and Live Class Season Pass holders can start watching it right away, too.

The class is normally $89, but to celebrate the relaunch, it’s just $39 this month. Enjoy!

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