[Video] Watch Brent Write T-SQL

This morning I worked on a new check for sp_BlitzFirst to find statistics that were updated in the last 15 minutes, possibly causing plan caching issues and parameter sniffing. I streamed it live, and you can watch.

In part 1, the first hour, I write the proof-of-concept query:

In part 2, the second hour, I move the query into sp_BlitzFirst, test it, debug it, and check it into Github:

And finally in the third hour, I switch to open Q&A and do a few live demos:

And now, I’m enjoying the well-earned bagel that I discussed on the webcast:

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  • Scott Coutant
    May 26, 2020 1:54 pm

    Try putting Details BEFORE the ID column to solve your sorting problem

    • SCOTT! You, my friend, are smarter than both me and everyone on that webcast. You rock. I’m sending you a thank-you gift. I really appreciate the attention to detail!


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