Congrats. Y’all Raised $8,919 for Doctors Without Borders in March.

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I hate posting things on April 1, but there’s no laughing here, only cheering.

During our March quarantine sale, I donated 10% of all sales to Doctors Without Borders.

I’m proud to announce that y’all raised $8,919 to provide lifesaving medical humanitarian care in over 70 countries.

I’m excited to see you in class. Y’all are good people. Keep calm and carry on, stay safe and healthy, practice physical distancing, and wash your hands. I need every one of y’all around as readers.

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  • Thank you Brent for supporting a great cause.

  • I would pick somebody else to support. International Committee of the Red Cross maybe. One of the founders of Doctors Without Borders is Bernard Kouchner. See his unnatural reaction when they ask him about organ trafficking: (redacted)

    Congrats on your philanthropy! Hopefully this time next year you will give away more than Bill Gates 😉

    • J – thanks, but I’ve redacted that video link. It feels kinda like promoting conspiracy theories here. That’s pretty much a ridiculous question to ask him, and using his reaction as a condemnation doesn’t seem to make sense. If you had more credible evidence, great, but otherwise let’s not stoop to that kind of thing. Thanks for understanding.


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