“Working” From Home? Watch A Bunch of Free SQL Server Videos on YouTube.


You’re new at this working from home thing, and you’re trying to put Game of Thrones up on a second monitor while you work? Listen, that’s not gonna play out well. You’re gonna get distracted and you’re not gonna get any work done. Instead, if you’re gonna have something in the background, learn about SQL Server.

Brent Ozar’s Conference and User Group Sessions – I’ve done a ton for various user groups and conferences that keep ’em in their own YouTube channel, making it a little hard to track down. To make your life easier, I put together a single YouTube playlist with ’em all.

Doug Lane’s 11-Part Series on Statistics – Doug originally filmed these for us as a training class several years ago. They’ve been available free on BrentOzar.com for a while, but I just realized I’d never uploaded them to YouTube, so I fixed that. (That’s what started this whole blog post.)

Doug Lane’s 11-Part T-SQL Level-Up – take your T-SQL from zero to hero – literally – as Doug teaches you heroic skills. The trailer tells you all you need to know about how the class will go down:


Happy learnin’!

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  • Carlos Robles
    March 13, 2020 9:18 am

    Great stuff Brent!
    I remember watching the intro video from Doug about statistics, I will definitely take a look at the rest.

  • lol, My brother watches videos while he works. I don’t know how he does that. I have to be doing something completely robotic to do that otherwise I get too distracted and I don’t get anything done. Just music for me!

  • Just got the email that says, if you can, you should work from home for the next couple weeks. I’ll be checking these out, it is not quite NCAA basketball madness, but Thanks, as always!

  • Hi, Doug Lane mentions several times in the videos that we can download the scripts he is demonstrating, can you please share the URL to download them? thanks

  • Watched this a couple years ago as part of training subscription and was great then. Thanks Brent for generously offering this to the public – I will share with the team.

  • Keith S Oliver
    June 11, 2020 7:13 am

    Your videos are great. BUT – when you constantly digress and comment on the slack comments it’s very disconcerting. Breaks up the flow of the instruction.

    • Keith – sure, that’s what happens with free public webcasts. For focused training, your best bet is my private training classes – click Training at the top of the site to see those. Enjoy!

  • Doug Lane does really cool videos, weird but cool.
    Does he still produce any videos as he seems to have gone quiet 🙁


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