What The Consultant Toolkit Does

It’s one thing for me to tell you how much easier The Consultant Toolkit makes my job and how clients love how much I can tell them about their server during the initial sales call – but it’s another thing to hear it from a happy customer:

Thought I would share a story, with my thanks for the Consultant Toolkit. A timeline:

  • Friday – random guy tweets he needs some DBA help. I get tagged, along with a couple of other consultants
  • Saturday – dude emails me. I send back an offer to “quick review” a server
  • Sunday – get results from the Consultant Toolkit
  • Monday afternoon call – impress the crap out of the prospect
  • Tuesday – negotiations
  • Thursday – contract signed to do dozens of HealthChecks and provide 7 hours of remediation effort per server
  • Today – I’m actually on their jump box they made just for me working.

One week from a tweet to a $35K contract. He had talked to several other firms before the tweet, but he sold me to management with “[Redacted] has already given us actionable items on the main server at a great price.”

And that’s what The Consultant Toolkit does: help you close deals faster and provide more value than your competitors. Over 100 companies are using it today – so you’re probably already competing with someone else using it. If you’re not closing as many deals as you used to…hmm…

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