Announcing the Consultant Toolkit: Now Available in the European Union, too

Yesterday, I got a barrage of emails and LinkedIn messages that went like this:

Hey Brent, about your new consultant toolkit: I really love that idea and would want to get my hands on it. Unfortunately i originate in the EU. I know about your reasoning around not selling to EU members and I don’t want to start a discussion around that. Do you see ANY way how I can purchase it? I’ve written plenty of wrappers in the past, but I’d rather spend my time making servers faster than maintaining custom code bases whenever procedures change.

Alright, alright, alright.

You can now buy the Consultant Toolkit through an EU-friendly distributor. (That launch sale pricing is good for this week only.)

And I know what your next question’s going to be: “So, when can we buy the training classes and SQL ConstantCare® through them?” Those are quite a bit harder since the training classes involve a lot of streaming videos, and SQL ConstantCare® involves a lot of data. It’s on my radar, and it’s something that we’re working on for later this year, but I don’t have anything to announce yet.

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  • It went from we (EU) shall overcome to hip hop horaaaay!!

  • Awesome!

  • Wait – when did you move to California?!? Looks like not a moment too soon, as I am currently stuck at ORD – where Delta’s airplanes seem to be frozen and unable to fly. ;-(

  • Send me a USB with the videos on it. I’ll make sure everyone in the EU gets it. Problem solved.

  • I had actually started planning ny suicide, but now you have given me a reason to carry on living Brent.

  • San Diego. Has to be one of my favorite cities in the entire world. Lived there several different times. Worked there quite a few times and one memorable day left a snowy pacific northwest in the afternoon for a training class in San Diego. That evening we were walking along the boardwalk enjoying ice cream in a 70 degree sunset.

    • Yeah, it’s amazing. I taught a few training classes here, and I totally fell in love with the place. It’s so fantastic – 55 degrees right now at 6:30AM, just got back from walking to my neighborhood coffee shop. Only needed a hoodie. (And, uh, pants.)

  • Alberto Turelli
    February 14, 2019 1:40 am

    Hi Brent, I recently watched your video on the Consultant Toolkit, and “unfortunately, I origin in the EU”. Thanks for allowing us to purchase your toolkit, but how can I enter my invoicing address, please?

  • Antoine Drouhin
    September 19, 2019 4:26 am

    Hey @Brent what is the current state of “It’s on my radar, and it’s something that we’re working on for later this year, but I don’t have anything to announce yet.” regarding the possibility to get video training content from EU ?