LGBTQ Meetup at the PASS Summit


The SQL Server community is known for its welcoming acceptance of everyone, regardless of their experience or background. The SQL Server family actively reach out to help others and bring folks together.

A great example of that is the LGBTQ Meetup organized by Andy Mallon (@amtwo.) Whether you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, ally, friend, or any other label, take a break from all the database talk, and hang out with some accepting friends for a cocktail on Thursday, November 8th.

Register here free, but as long as you’re attending, take a moment to consider donating to The Trevor Project. They provide crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) young people.

To encourage your donations, we’re matching the first $5,000. Read more at Andy’s announcement, and I’ll see you at the Butterfly Lounge on Thursday night!

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  • […] at-risk young people. Donate through my fundraising page, your donation could count for double! Brent Ozar Unlimited is going to match the first $5000 that we raise. You heard that right: If we hit my $5000 […]

  • Seriously ? How is this related to sql stuff ? 🙁

    • It’s the “Q”. You see?

    • It “relates to SQL stuff” in the sense that all kinds of people work in SQL, not just straight, white men. It’s great that Brent and his team are using their considerable platform to promote this. I don’t identify as L, G, B, T or Q, but even I can see what this might mean to people who do who work in our field.

      • But who is thinking that only straight, white men work in SQL? The SQL Community certainly does not, as the post states.

        And why does the sexual orientation matter? Does it matter that i’m left handed, too? What about hair colour? What about cats/dogs lovers? If these matter so much that must be put forward I would assume that SQL, tech in general, matter less.

    • @ThatGuy – because a group of data people (that’s you and me) are gathering at the annual data conference (that’s the PASS Summit) to hang out.

      You raise a good point though – I haven’t been writing enough non-SQL stuff here. I should probably write more. I wouldn’t want people to think this site is too polished and professional.

    • Guess you didn’t know that “SQL” stands for “straights, queers and lesbians”?
      Gosh, wait’ll you find out what “begin tran” means…..

  • […] with the meetup, I also do a fundraiser for The Trevor Project. Brent Ozar (blog|twitter) matched the first $5000, and the community rose to the occasion. Community donations plus Brent’s match brings the […]


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