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The nice folks over at StackOverflow.com (shout out, @onlybluefeet) updated their public data dump last month. This time around, I’m giving you two options:

Full size circa 2017/12: 19GB torrent (magnet.) Expands to a ~137GB SQL Server 2008 database. Because it’s so large, we distribute it with BitTorrent – if you’re new to that, here’s detailed BitTorrent instructions.

Mini size circa 2010/12: 1GB direct download, expands to a ~10GB database called StackOverflow2010. It’s the same database schema as the full size StackOverflow database, but it’s only got the 2008-2010 data.

This way you can still run the same real-world queries you find at Data.StackExchange.com, and can follow along with our Mastering classes even on slower machines. (Of course, during the live classes, you’ve got a big beefy VM that runs the full-size databases – but this way you can follow along later when you watch the Instant Replay videos.)

Wanna get started learning how to use it? Watch my free online class, How to Think Like the SQL Server Engine, where I use the Users table for all the demos.

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