What Students Said About My New Hands-On Mastering SQL Server Classes

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In my new 3-day Mastering Index Tuning, Mastering Query Tuning, and Mastering Server Tuning, you get remote access to a SQL Server where you get a series of lab assignments. There’s a real-world style workload running against the Stack Overflow database, and you’ve gotta figure out how to make it go faster. Then, you see me step through that same workload.

Here’s just some of the reviews:

“Excellent class and I learned a lot! Brent is one of the best presenters/teachers out there. Even people who think they know everything will always learn something new.” – Michael Neymit

“The class is well worth the cost. Many of the queries that we tuned is very close to the same problems my company has in our system. Everything that we went over will be directly used in my office daily.” – James Smith

“This class was really outstanding. I learned a ton. Brent is not just eerily knowledgeable, he’s constantly engaging.” – Jim Beattie

“One of the best classes I have ever attended. Now, my arsenal has a lot more sharp edged weapons to fight tuning issues.” – Ashutosh Barick

“Death by a thousand indexes? Not after this course! Brent teaches you how to stay lean and mean with a well thought out indexing plan. You can’t afford to miss this one!” – Kevin Kelso

“Great job once again Brent.” – Jay Falck

“Fantastic class. Brent is constantly refining his teaching skills to make complex topics understandable. If you want to learn what an index does, go watch How to Think Like the Engine. If you’re ready for the next step, index tuning, take this class.” – Tim Cockerham

I’m not gonna lie: these are not easy classes, and they shouldn’t be the first SQL Server training classes you take.

In fact, once you buy (especially if you get the 2018 Live Class Season Pass), you should start watching Mastering Index Tuning’s instant replay videos right away, absorbing the lecture portions of the classes, to start preparing. (Same thing with Mastering Query Tuning’s Instant Replay.) Get in there immediately, get your learn on, and see if you can keep up with the labs.

Good luck. We’re all counting on you.

And to celebrate the great reviews on our live classes, they’re all $1,000 off for the next 30 days, and the Live Class Season Pass is half off. Get in there, tiger!

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