Tom Roush, the SQL Server community’s best storyteller.


You, dear reader, know a lot of SQL Server community names from their blogs, webcasts, podcasts, presentations, books, etc. It can feel pretty overwhelming – there’s so many sites to keep up with, so much good technical material.

But even still, you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. There are so many wonderful people in the SQL Server community who lead amazing lives, and they choose to share online the parts of their lives that are even more interesting than the technology stuff.

Tom Roush

So today I’m going to share the site of a SQL Server community member and dear friend, but it’s not about stored procedures or indexes. contains heart-warming, funny, and tear-jerking stories. As you read them, understand that this kind of work doesn’t come just from a database person, but also from a journalism and photography background. Here are some of my favorites:

  • What Heaven must be like – about flying gliders. The first post I read of Tom’s, and I talked to him for hours about it.
  • Sometimes, things go wrong – lessons about calm maturity from a toddler who just pooped on the toilet seat.
  • Baking Apples in Alaska – using a cooking technique any geek would appreciate.
  • Posts by image thumbnail – this is one of my favorite ways to browse through blogs written by gifted photographers.
  • Betty… – Tom met Betty in a cancer survivor’s support group and learned a hard lesson that we all need to learn, and re-learn, and remember, and practice.
  • The first 100 stories – to celebrate the milestone, he picked his favorite lines from each. Good way to scan and pick which ones resonate with you.

Like so many things in life, dear reader, I regret not sharing Tom with you sooner.

Tom passed away Monday, and I miss him dearly.

If you enjoyed Tom’s stories, share your love with his family on his memorial fundraising page.

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  • Wow, did I need some of that honesty today. One of my best friends succumbed to cancer last Friday, and I’m speaking at his funeral tomorrow. Thank you for sharing Tom’s writings.

  • Oh, Brent. Thank you for this beautiful post. I just pictured Tom giving your Ernie a nice scritch behind the ears in some heavenly mountain meadow. ??

    • Cindy – thank you for being such a supportive partner to Tom. You were an angel, and I’m so glad we had the chance to talk. Words aren’t enough in this time, and I wish I could hug you right now.

  • Thank you for honoring Tom on your blog, Brent. I see a lot of drafts on Tom’s blog (I created it for him long ago because he refused to create one himself), and when my heart hurts less, I may go through and post some more of his stories.


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