Updated Stack Overflow Database Dump Importer v1.4

The nice folks at Stack Overflow publish their entire data set (data included) in XML format. It’s tons of fun for demos, but you need a way to get it into a relational database.

The Stack Overflow Data Dump Importer (SODDI) makes this point-and-click easy. Just download the latest release, install it, download the XML exports, and you can import it into MySQL, SQLite, or Microsoft SQL Server.

Last week, we sponsored @AndrewBrobston to make a few improvements and release v1.4:

  • Add support for the PostHistory, PostLinks, and Tags tables
  • Enable you to set the Id fields as identities (really useful for the workloads in my training classes)
  • Enable MySQL and SQLite support again (had broken in prior releases)

@BennetElder also added a database connection dialog to make it easier to pick & choose the target database.

Next steps: