Updated First Responder Kit: sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzCache, sp_BlitzIndex

These improvements go great with cranberries. The food, not the b – actually, they go pretty well with the band, too.

sp_Blitz Improvements

sp_BlitzCache Improvements by @BlitzErik

  • #495 – add warning for indexed views with missing stats
  • #557 – bug fix – don’t alert on unused memory grants if query is below the server’s minimum memory grant
  • #583 – add warning for backwards scans, forced index usage, and forced seeks or scans

sp_BlitzIndex Improvements, Mostly by @BlitzErik

  • #566 – new @SkipStatistics flag enabled by default. This means you only get the stats checks if you ask for it. (We were having some performance problems with it in last month’s version.)
  • #567 – bug fix – now adds persisted to a field definition if necessary
  • #571 – bug fix – better checks for computed columns using functions in other schemas
  • #574 – bug fix – long filter definitions over 128 characters broke quotename
  • #578 – bug fix – @RichBenner made sure SQL 2005 users understand that they’re unsupported

Go download it now. Enjoy!

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  • I noticed that sp_BlitzRS isn’t included in the First Responder’s Kit anymore. Is that deprecated?

    • Yeah, since Doug left, none of the rest of us do RS work, and we don’t have the plans or experience to keep it updated, so we removed that from the kit.

  • Hey a “feature” of BlitzIndex
    Got these marked a dupes. Same Table same index but on separate schemas
    CREATE INDEX [CallingStart] ON [Test].[FactInboundCalls] …..
    CREATE INDEX [CallingStart] ON [dbo].[FactInboundCalls] ……

  • Result of sp_Blitz:
    Finding = “Server Last Restart” ; Details = “Feb 11 2017 5:48AM”
    Finding = “SQL Server Last Restart” ; Details = “Feb 11 2017 4:48AM”

    SQL Server Last Restart is the tempdb create_date
    Server Last Restart is the ms_ticks

    I find the results odd because, SQL Server Started an hour before Server Restart?
    Am I missing something here?