Announcing Training Class Instant Replay, Plus New Classes in Philly, San Diego, and Online

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Graduation Day in Philly
Graduation Day in Philly

When we ask students for feedback about our in-person classes, they said one thing over and over: “It’s just so much information. Can we get an easier way to refer back to everything?”

Now you can, with Instant Replay: starting with classes this month, you can watch an online recorded version of the class for 6 months after the class finishes!

You can go back, polish up on topics you love, focus in on topics that you have to tackle at work, and re-watch sections that were initially over your head.

We’ve also learned that students prefer our classes at the 4-day length rather than 5. For our in-person classes, this gives folks a day to travel, and for our online classes, it gives them…I have no idea what it gives them, but they seem to love 4 days.

So here’s my upcoming lineup:

The Senior DBA Class: You’re a SQL Server DBA who is ready to advance to the next level in your career but aren’t sure how to fully master your environment and drive the right architectural changes.

  • Sept 20-23 – Online, London-focused (4AM-Noon Eastern)
  • Nov 1-4 – Online, Sydney-focused (6PM-2AM Eastern)
  • Dec 12-15 – Online, 9AM Eastern
  • March 20-23 – San Diego, CA
  • Learn more and register now

SQL Server Performance Tuning: You’re a developer or DBA who needs to speed up a database server that you don’t fully understand – but that’s about to change in four days of learning and fun with Brent.

  • Sept 6-9 – Online, London-focused (4AM-Noon Eastern time)
  • Oct 4-7 – Online, Sydney-focused (6PM-2AM Eastern)
  • Dec 5-8 – Philadelphia, PA
  • Jan 9-12 – Online, 9AM Eastern
  • March 28-31 – San Diego, CA
  • Learn more and register now
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