Microsoft Discontinues SQL Server Support for Windows

Microsoft announced today that the forthcoming SQL Server 2016 version won’t just run on Linux – it will only run on Linux.

Mark Souza, Microsoft

Mark Souza, Microsoft

“When we started developing the Linux port of SQL Server, we weren’t really serious about it at all,” confessed Mark Souza, lead documentation author for the project. “But after a couple of weeks, we realized how good Linux really was. No stupid registry keys? No system state backup hassles? We could just edit text files for configuration? Suddenly, all of the developers wanted onto this project.”

Lower patch overhead was just the tip of the iceberg, reported Microsoft’s Jen Moser, lead developer. “We thought Windows Core would be the answer to less patching, but it turned out those sloppy Windows guys still shipped bug fixes every freakin’ month. We had to go to Linux to get better stability. And then next thing you know, we were getting smokin’ fast benchmark numbers too.”

Support for previous versions of SQL Server running on Windows will continue through 2024, per, giving companies plenty of time to plan their Linux deployments.

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  • This makes too much sense to be true!!

  • I hope this is not a April Fool Joke ?

  • It only applies to the full version.

  • April 1st … Good Try :).

  • Does this also mean that SAP ASE will only be available for Windows? I get so confused at the beginning of April every year. When can we download a pizza? I thought for sure we’d be on FTPizza 2.0 by now.

    • James Chorlton
      April 1, 2016 10:00 am

      ummmmm ftpizzzzza. Is there an overload for toppings? Does it do gluten free, or is that a paid addon?

  • Well played Sir!!!

  • You’re trying too hard ;Q

    • That’s because I’m confused.

      I read something on an April 1st years ago about the Internet now allowing you to download food and beverages. The name FTPizza just came to me this morning. Funny how you joke for decades about ftp’ing a beer and never take it any farther, and then suddenly FTPizza just comes rolling off your tongue (or fingertips anyway). I amaze myself. Are you amazed too?

      BTW, although I’m a bit biased, I’m looking forward to seeing how well SQL Server performs on Linux. If it’s more cost-effective then it might well find a place in many datacenters.

      I’m also looking forward to seeing how well SQLinux Server performs compared to ASE on Linux.

  • Well, I’m in learning mode anyway. It’s about time I took on Linux!

  • Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  • You posted this a day early. Nobody believes you.

  • Brilliant! As one who just started to embrace Linux at home, I’m finding I really like it. Once you get past the learning curve, it just works. I’m excited to see how SQL Server on Linux will work out.