Contest: SQL Server Theme Songs


During this month’s Senior DBA Class in Chicago, I started joking with the attendees about what songs they should play during common DBA job tasks, like:

  • Best Song to Play During a Server Outage
  • Best Song to Illustrate Your Predecessor’s Skills
  • Best Song to Accompany an Index Rebuild
  • Best Song to Play When Examining a Slow Query
  • Best Song to Play When Corruption is Found
  • Best Song for a SQL Server with 4GB RAM
  • Best Song to Play While a Cursor Runs
  • Best Song to Prepare for a SQL Server Service Pack

We wanna hear your ideas.


  • To submit your songs, leave a comment here ( before Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016.
  • Your comment must include the category, the song & singer’s names, and the link to the song’s video. You can enter multiple times.
  • The winners will be chosen by us, the Brent Ozar Unlimited team, judged using completely unreliable and unpredictable methods. Winners will be announced within one week of the contest closing.
  • If multiple people submit the same song in a category, the winner will be the first one.
  • Taxes are the responsibility of the winners.
  • The winner in each category will get a training video class of their choice. (No bundles, just individual classes.)
  • The overall winner will get an Everything Bundle.

I’ll get you started with my favorite song to play during a server outage.

Update March 23rd – comments have been closed. Let the judging commence!

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