Announcing the Dell DBA Days: August 25-28

SQL Server

If you want to work on the cutting edge, you can’t just read best practices – you have to go create them. Somebody’s gotta teach you how to use SQL Server 2016, right?

We asked Dell if we could fly out to their headquarters in Round Rock, Texas and borrow a bunch of hardware and storage gear for a week. Doug, Erik, Jeremiah, Kendra, and I will set up shop to do lab tests, experiments, and learning with the latest hardware, shared storage gear, and SQL Server 2016.

And we bet you wanna watch online.

So we’re bringing you Dell DBA Days. Twice a day, we’ll take a break from our work to do a one-hour webcast with you, talking about how we’re testing and what we’re learning.

Here’s the webcast lineup:

  • Tuesday morning – How Do You Fix a Slow TempDB?
  • Tuesday afternoon – TempDB Load Testing with SQL 2012, 2014, 2016, and SSDs
  • Wednesday morning – Introducing This Week’s Lab
  • Wednesday afternoon –  Advanced Shared Storage Features
  • Thursday morning – Find Your Slow SQL Server’s Bottlenecks Fast
  • Thursday afternoon – How to Prove Hardware is a Problem
  • Friday morning – SQL Server High Availability Options Explained
  • Friday afternoon – Watch SQL Server Break and Explode

Register now to watch us live.

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  • This kind of active learning is a fantastic move on your part.

    Will the recordings be available?

    • Tobi – thanks! No, the recordings won’t be available – the live webcasts tend to be fast-and-loose, and we don’t record those. Be there or be square. 😀

      • kinda sad, no webcasts… I guess it pays to be from the US every now and then

        • Calin – there are webcasts, they just won’t be recorded. It pays to be awake when people are giving away their knowledge for free. 😉

          • Would kinda be nice for us here in Australia to have it recorded – otherwise we’d have to get up at 3am to see what you guys are doing.

          • Rick – understood, but people just like to complain about audio on recordings. You would not believe the ungrateful jerk comments we get on our YouTube videos about audio quality on live group recordings. Even though it’s completely free training, people still find something to complain about. Isn’t that funny?

  • A. Would love if you did record
    B. Will you be looking at any of the nutanix offerings?

  • Being how hard its being pushed…. I would be surprised if they didn’t.

  • I always like to complain about your wardrobe choices involved in these complementary live video training sessions, but poor Rick in Australia should not have to suffer because of my ungracious, unsolicited opinions.

    However, Rick – there is always espresso?

  • This sounds very exciting. I’ll try to tune in for one or two episodes as long as it’s not in the middle of the night.

  • This is great!
    Thank you for offering free learning opportunities like this. Working for a small company I don’t have a lot of opportunities to test cutting-edge hardware – so this is a treat.

  • Hello. Everyone needed to re-register because the hosting environment moved or something like that, yes? In the future would it be possible to send an email to notify people that already registered a while ago when re-registering is needed? I ended up missing the first part of the morning session due to the time to re-register and I missed the afternoon entirely since the invite had 3 PM CST, but I think I had the wrong timezone somewhere. I know I should have paid more attention and tried to join to the sessions earlier too, but change notifications would help with the user experience and getting them on time. And thanks for troubling to put on these webinars, always enjoyable!


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