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SQL Server

When you vote for us in Simple Talk’s new Tribal Awards, you’re voting for yourself.

Best Free Script – sp_Blitz® – Sure, I started this all by myself a few years ago, but it’s grown into something huge. Scroll down through the change log and get a load of the dozens of contributors who have helped make this tool amazing. I even hear from consultants who ask me, “Are you sure it’s okay to use this thing in my job?” Of course! We’re all in this together, and we’re all trying to make SQL Server easier for everybody.

Blog of the Year – – To me, the comments are the most fun thing about a blog. Since the first post 11 years ago, we’ve had 16,650 comments (and no, that doesn’t include the spam). This place is fun because you guys take part, and even when you say crazy stuff, at least I get to use my witty retorts.

Person You’d Most Like to Have a Beer With – Brent Ozar – Let’s be honest – you guys only nominated me because you know that whenever I’m drinking beer, I’m also ordering tater tots. It’s not that you want to have a beer with me – you want to eat my tater tots. You’re just being greedy here.

So go vote, and we all win.

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