Free Guidebook App for #SQLPASS Summit


Want a complete session schedule, conference center maps, feedback forms, and more all on your phone?  There’s an app for that.

Go to Guidebook and download the app for your iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Android, or Blackberry.  After launching it, you’ll be prompted to download a guide.  Type in PASS Summit, and we’re near the bottom of the list:

Downloading the PASS Summit 2011 Guidebook
Downloading the PASS Summit 2011 Guidebook

The home page of the PASS Summit Guidebook has links like Schedule, Maps, Sponsors, and My Schedule:

PASS Summit Guidebook
PASS Summit Guidebook

When you click on Schedule, you get the list of sessions.  Use the right/left arrows at the top of the screen to switch between days.  Clicking on an individual session gives you the speaker and session details:

The guy's pretty hot too.
Damn, that's a good-looking session.

Click the Add to My Events button, and it asks whether you’d like a reminder before the session starts.  (Which is awesome, because a couple of Summits ago I was late to my own session.  Never gonna live that one down.)  The time zone support seems a little off – I downloaded the SQLSaturday Portland guide when I was in the Central time zone, but now that I’m in Pacific, it’s sending me alerts 2 hours off.  Probably a bug in the app.  Because of that, you might want to wait to download the app until you get to Seattle.

Minor drawback here: it’s totally independent from the PASS Schedule Builder, so if you’ve already built your schedule there, you’ll have to build it here too.  It’s also not synced between devices – I’ve got Guidebook on both my iPhone and my iPad, but it’s as if they don’t know that each other exists.  It’s like me and Nikki Rant in high school.  But I digress.

Inside joke: for sessions with multiple presenters, there can be only one speaker thumbnail.  Looks like I won this one:

Not our book. MY book.
Not our session. MY session.

I find this hilarious because people are constantly calling Professional SQL Server 2008 Internals & Troubleshooting “Brent’s book.”  The head author, the genius behind the concept and the bulk of the work, is fellow MCM Christian Bolton.  He’s also in this session, and he’s listed first – although it’s really Chris Testa-O’Neill’s session here.  Regardless, my picture, MY SESSION, guys.  I’m gonna give Christian a hard time on that one.

Conference organizers can keep the guide up to date without sending a new version of the entire app – the schedules are in-app downloads.  I’ve already gotten updates to SQLSaturday Portland’s schedule for this morning through the app.

Nice work, PASS!  Go to Guidebook and get the free app for your iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Android, or Blackberry.

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