Free SAN 101 video from the SSWUG Virtual Conference


I just flew out to Tucson to film my sessions for the upcoming SSWUG Virtual Conference.  It’s a pretty cool setup – SWUG has a full blown TV studio in their offices, and it’s really professional.  (Trust me – I know when something’s unprofessional.)

Invisible Cheezburger
Professor Ozar

The best way for me to explain it is to show you what a session looks like: here’s my SAN 101 presentation from last year.  You can watch it in its entirety for free.  You do need a high-speed internet connection – it doesn’t work well with slow connections like the one here in my hotel room.  This year, they’ve upgraded their cameras to high definition, too, so you can get better views of code-intensive demos.

If you like that SAN 101 presentation, then check out the full list of SQL Server abstracts.  There’s some fantastic speakers in there, top notch people, and it’s a heck of a deal for around $100.  In this economy, that’s the most cost effective way to get trained.  Show your boss my SAN 101 video to demonstrate the quality of what you’re getting for your money, and then point at the full list of sessions.  It pretty much sells itself once you see the video quality.

Register for the SSWUG V-Conference now and use VIP code SPVBOZSP09 for $10 off.  That coupon code can be combined with other discounts, too, like the early bird registration or the alumni registration.

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