PASS Summit 2008 Sunday Recap


I flew in yesterday and spent some quality time with some other folks who were lucky enough to fly in early, and by “quality time” I mean eating and drinking.  I only got a handful of photos.

Listening In on DBA Conversations

The funnier momentos were the things we overheard.  If you follow me on Twitter, “OH” means “Overheard”, and we type that when somebody won’t want to be identified by the quote.  Some examples:

  • OH: “My wife makes hamburger cake.”    “We call that meatloaf.”
  • OH: “Do you like ginger?”     “The root or the Gilligan’s Island castaway?”
  • OH #sqlpass “I’ve never done it with a real girl before in a room full of people.”

If you want to follow up on the minute-by-minute news from the DBAs gathered in Seattle for the Summit, use and search for #sqlpass.  You don’t have to use Twitter in order to hit that link – you can just go there and refresh it from time to time to see what’s going on.  If somebody posts a lot of interesting updates, follow ’em and you’ll probably like their updates outside of the PASS conference too.  Plus they won’t always remember to use the “#sqlpass” tag.

The PASS Board Elections are On

The emails went out last night inviting PASS members to vote.  If you’re in Seattle, I would wait to vote until you’ve talked to a few of the candidates.  They’re going to be all over the place, and if you see one, just start a conversation – “So, what are you going to give me for my vote?” That works.

To find out where they’re at, follow them on Twitter:

Monday’s Activities

I’ll be at Brian Knight’s SSIS Boot Camp today.  Say hi if you see me.  I probably won’t be tweeting as much since I’ll be soaking up knowledge like a sponge.

Tim Ford and a few other photo-savvy DBAs are doing a photo walk around Seattle.  They’re meeting up in the Sheraton lobby at 8:30 AM.  If you’d like to join in, go over there and look for the guys with shooting pictures of everything that moves or doesn’t move.  They’re friendly people, don’t worry.

PASS Volunteers have a welcome reception tonight that starts around 6:30PM – I don’t have the location.  I’ll be at a private Quest Software dinner tonight.

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