Moving to Michigan temporarily


One of the sweet things about telecommuting is the ability to pack up the tents and head off to a new location for a while.  Erika’s never seen a real winter, so we’re moving up to my hometown of Whitehall, Michigan.  We’re staying in the Colby State Park – not a real state park, of course, but that’s the family nickname for Grandma & Grandpa Colby’s old house on White Lake.

It’s probably not permanent – we love Houston and warm weather too much to make it permanent.  It’s fun for a while, though.

Expect to see more white and less sun in my photo stream for a while!

Side note – if anybody wants to buy a Vizio 42″ 1080p flat panel with a long warranty, I’ll let it go for $600.  No shipping, local Houston buyers only.  Not really looking forward to putting that thing in storage with the rest of our furniture or moving it up to Michigan.  Update: the TV is sold to Jessica Grieves of Ecor Rouge Photography here in Houston, where it will be displaying beautiful baby pictures during the day and XBox games at night when her husband Jay plays with it.

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  • I have spent a few winters in Michigan and I have one question for you. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?!?

  • Wow, you will have a great time! I live in the NE (upstate NY) so know what the winters are like.

    Remember it will take time to get used to SO, don’t flee before you get broken in….. 🙂

  • Bubba… Why are you heading back to the ville? Should be a good time.. I miss the seasons, fall is my favorite, enjoy the hot apple cider.. spiked of course with some rum. Swing by the house and say hey I am sure the rents would get a kick out of it.

  • Good luck back in the Mitten Brent. With winter coming up, back home is the last place I’d want to be.

  • I should read your blog more often! And I didn’t realize when I said goodbye on Wed. it would be for a long while.

    Have fun in the snow!!!


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