Spend a Day with the Experts – Oct 14 – Redmond, WA

So you’ve been dying to meet me, but your job at Microsoft won’t allow you to leave the Redmond area?  Or maybe you’re tired of hearing all those bright people at Microsoft speak, and you want to hear a rank amateur fill your head with gobbledygook? Or maybe you just want free breakfast and lunch?

Well, it’s your lucky day – not today, but on October 14th, when Ron Talmage, Trent Mera and l will be speaking in Redmond.  You can register at that link to hear me ramble on about:

  • Got Performance Headaches?  Detect, Diagnose & Resolve – It can often take years of on-the-job experience as a DBA to learn how to understand when a problem is occurring, diagnose its root-cause, and then resolve it using manual techniques. This presentation will focus on techniques and tools for detecting, diagnosing and resolving performance issues in SQL Server.
  • SAN Tips for First-Time Users – This session will cover some of the risks and rewards, as well as tips and tricks that the sales folks don’t cover.  We’ll talk about how to get the most out of your SAN from the beginning with a good initial design.

Sound like fun?  Well, there’s always free food.  Sign up today, because seating is limited.

Update 9/17 3:30PM Central – changed my topics, plus fixed a typo found by eagle eye Arthur Langham.  Me talk pretty one day.  Hopefully he won’t be in attendance in Redmond, where my verbal skillz will make my writing look like awesome poetry.

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