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This weekend, we changed our travel plans and headed back home to Houston instead of driving on out to California.  We probably should have checked the maps a little more carefully – particularly this map:

Tropical Storm Edaeiou(and sometimes y)rdo is heading right for Houston tomorrow.  Both Ed and I have conflicting reservations at the Houston airport tomorrow, and I have the feeling he’s going to win.

I’m worried about the effects of this storm.  My spell checker is already screaming in agony.  Sean Stoner suggested that this name was probably sitting on the shelf for years, and the hurricane planners pulled it off the shelf when they saw it was only going to be a short storm, figuring they’d lessen the damage.

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  • Good luck getting home. I just recently, after moving to Dallas from the frozen north, had to ask one of my co-workers, “Umm… do we get hurricanes here?”


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