Back from vacation, heading to my new job


My blog has been quiet the last few days because I’ve been in Washington DC visiting my Mom and my sister Emily.  I wanted to sneak in a quick visit between jobs.  I took the opportunity to redo both of their wireless networks and achieved a 0% success rate – I had to get two new wireless routers for different reasons.  As a reuslt, I haven’t had much connectivity, so no blogs for you.

Today, I’m flying to California to start work at Quest.  I’ve got my laptop cellular card all rigged up, got my camera charged up, and got my game face on.  Expect mucho bloggo.

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  • All the way to the DC and you did not call??? Bummer, I almost trecked to Dc this past weekend we could have shared a beer or 6

  • Yeah, it was a short visit though. I’ll be back there in a month or two for a full week, and I’ll give you a holler in advance. You met Em when she was in Michigan in school, right? If not, you’ll like her. She’s funny as hell.


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