Registered for the SQLpass Summit


I’ll be attending the SQLpass Summit 2007 in Denver in a couple of weeks.  It’s an annual conference for Microsoft SQL Server database administrators with seminars like “Managing Large Data Warehouses” and “Plan Cache Analysis in SQL Server 2005.”  I’m excited because this is the first national SQL conference I’ve been able to attend.

I’m also excited just to get away from the daily grind at work for a few days.  The last two and a half months were brutal, and things have finally slowed down to a normal pace again.  Not everything is back to normal – we’ve still got a couple of SANs that I’m afraid to touch – but for the most part, things are up and running.

I’ve got a new junior DBA starting the same week I’m heading out of town for SQLpass, too.  I needed the help, although I gotta say that the new guy probably isn’t going to get much SQL for the next few weeks.  After doing only SAN and VMware management for months, I’m eager to get back to SQL again.

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