That’s it, I’m switching to Linux


This morning, I lost four hours of work time due to Active Directory flakiness. Thank goodness I have three machines here, so at no time was any of my work in jeopardy, but I decided enough is enough.

First off, I’m going to stop hosting stuff at my house, and I’m going to be done with it this weekend. I’ve got about a dozen domains hosted at the house at the moment, and I’m going to cull that down and rewrite the remaining ones in JSP (instead of ASP/ASPX) by Monday, April 5. If I have to push, pull, and crunch, I’m getting out of the ASP business altogether. Our company’s switching to Java anyway, so I gotta learn it, and this’ll facilitate my education. I started learning .NET when we thought we were going there, and doing my personal site in it helped me learn.

After that, I’ll be switching my machines over to Linux. The only thing I can’t run easily under WINE is MSSQL Enterprise Manager, and I can just run that over remote desktop on a machine at work anyway.

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  • No more Servers Alive then?



  • Yeah, sadly, that’ll be the end of my ServersAlive work. I’ll still have the ASP templates available for download, although I won’t have online examples available once I switch to the JSP web hosting.

    My job’s changed over the last year or so – we have four times as many network admins as we had last year, and they’ve gotten much better at catching and responding to outages.


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