The 56k blues

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Man, dialup sucks. I’m sitting in a hotel room in Dallas, slumming around on dialup. I always forget how slow it is. I came here to help Erika get set up at the hotel she’s staying at during her airline dispatch training, but we’ll probably end up moving to a different hotel. This one was cheap, but it’s tiny.

I’m on vacation this week, and I took the opportunity to update a few pages in the site. I added my latest article for HAL-PC, and added a photo gallery of my turtles – thanks to Mom for shooting some absolutely great photos with her digital camera during her March trip. She also shot the one of me that graces the home page as of this writing.

I’m working on rewriting the site in C# instead of VB.NET, because I’m going to be using C# at work. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel and write yet another blog package, but I’m still having difficulty finding one that meets my needs. I want the data housed on my server, I want to be able to upload multiple photos for each blog entry, I’d prefer the data was housed in SQL, and so on. I found an interesting project called InfiniBlog, but I’m having quite a bit of difficulty getting it working. It’s early in the life cycle for InfiniBlog and it hasn’t built up much of a user base yet, so nobody seems to respond to my questions about the software. A shame, because it’s gorgeous and meets almost all of my design requirements. I’d rather use somebody else’s, even if I have to pay, because I’m not about to implement my own TrackBack system. We’ll see: I want to have this resolved by the time my vacation ends Friday.

It’ll be a bit of a shortened vacation – I used a few days coming up here to get Erika situated, and I’m heading down to New Orleans this weekend for Steve’s birthday party. They do a big crawfish boil, definitely fun. Plus, amidst all this, I want to get some updates done to my ServersAlive reporting system, SangfroidJr. Roland Gaspar on the SA list has put together a neat query to show uptime percentages, and I’d love to have a page that shows it.

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